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Computer Simulation in Education

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Theory and Methods of Learning Fundamental Disciplines in High School

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Cloud Technologies in Education

The International Workshop will take place annually on December in Ukraine. It is an excellent occasion for specialists of different fields, e.g. IT specialists for e-learning design, e-learning tutors, teachers and lecturers, technologists, psychologists, educational managers and researchers to make a jump into new paradigm of Science and Education in High Tech Age.

The Workshop occupies contributions in all aspects of educational technologies and cloud-based learning tools, platforms, paradigms and models, functioning programmes or papers relevant to modern engineering and technological decisions in the IT age. There is urgent general need for principled changes in education elicited by current e-learning tools, services and IT communication. Let’s to come, show your best practice, and envisage your future actions at the front line of high-tech education.

The Workshop languages are English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

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